WTF A Literature Fresher Is Doing In A Social Media Agency?!

WTF A Literature Fresher Is Doing In A Social Media Agency?!

A literature Scholar

Walking down the wide alleys of Dante and Shakespeare, weaving the verses of Wordsworth and Rossetti in mind and analyzing the ever changing, surreal ways of society during each period, here I arose as a Literature scholar. But well, Social Media? That’s unheard of, right?

Well aware of the fact that the literary world occupies a decent space on the web today. Readers, writers, publishers, editors, and everybody in between are tweeting and blogging about their favourite books; but carrying myself away from the mélange of fictional and nonfictional was totally a new experience for me. Working in social media, has brought out the things in me which I didn’t even know, existed!

It so happened that one day I went to my favourite library, picked up books that I never thought I would. The word “Advertising” shown on them squinted my eyes as I thought I was betraying my literary roots. I read on, only to find out all that I have learned during my literary dwellings can be used here. I wrecked my mind every night thinking of how to get ahead and understand the unusual ways to use my skills of analyzing, writing and examining the audience reaction to the words written, a message conveyed to them. Since then I have made it a habit to fuel myself each day with better strategies and keenness to learn the latest tools of digital media.

Writing for Social Media

Knowing the latest trend of the world, getting digitalized and realizing “Digital media being the catalyst for the contemporary communication”, gives my mind a soothing comfort on how my education has smoothly fitted my genre – Creating. Though composing for social media is interestingly different as it involves various channels, mechanisms and purposes, writing for it in order to cater the audience worldwide, to build a brand image, makes it challenging and at the same time exciting. It is like a prose on the web where thoughts flow in the form of words and pictures, directed solely towards – Click, Share and Respond. Moreover, keywords being the crucial part of any content on social media (85% of the time when someone opens the browser, searches for the keywords) are better born in a literary mind which fulfills the purpose of alluring through words.

Creativity – the pulse to survive in Social Media

A finesse, not only to write but to portray the thoughts through pictures also contributes to a great extent in presenting myself as an efficient Social Media professional. The creative touch in picturizing is equally important as in writing. Moreover, the out of the box ideas leaves an everlasting impression in the mind of a viewer to create brand presence.

 Thus, Social Media itself being a platform for communication to the audience at large is well understood by a Literature student. He knows how to interact and collaborate with people and convince them through words. Engaging the mass is the staple ingredient in Social Media Marketing which is done through creating stories as we all know, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” and we, the literature enthusiasts excel in storytelling.