Why I Chose A Career In Social Media!


To begin with, its important to understand that the reasons for taking up different careers differs from person to person. Those of us interested in social media, know the attractions that the field holds for us. To decide if you want a career in social media, it is firstly very important for you to understand what social media actually refers to; social media consists of internet based applications that allow for the creation and exchange of varied type of contents.

Social media as you would probably know if you’ve done research to further your interests, is entirely different from all other forms of media because it entails a dialogic form of transmission. It’s more informal that way, and engages the person who’s reading your post in a better way. However, coming back to the topic of the article, I’ll try narrowing down a few reasons because of which a career in social media might just be the right thing for you.

  1. Work is synonymous with Fun: if you’re a fun person, who knows when exactly it’s the right time to pull yourself together, and be serious about your passion, a career in social media is the break you’ve waiting for.
  2. Bored with everyday routine tasks?
    Any career in social media will provide you an edge and a chance to flaunt your your creativity. Social media is not about how well- read you’re or how much you know; it’s about how creatively you are at your job.
  3. Expect the unexpected: if you want monotone as far as your career is concerned, social media is not for you. Social media requires you to be bold, to be always on the edge. If you’re ready for the next big challenge which will probably take up all your time, but will give you the thrill of life, this is it.
  4. We make what you like: the thousands of posts that you see on facebook, twitter, instagram, are probably made by some creative who’s passionate about putting forward a distinctive impression through the ad. In other words, lets face it, you come across some link and then you sometimes follow it up by reading it because it grabs your attention. By being a social media expert, you can influence the mass and make an impact. And as the popular Idea ad goes : “An idea can change your life.”
  5. Power of words: You’ve probably always been good at writing and you enjoy it. You’re right. A job in social media will give you the opportunity to flaunt your skills and there’s nothing like enjoying the work you do right?
  6. Aesthetics and you are almost synonymous?
    Your aesthetic sensibilities have probably always been your forte. Social media can offer you give way to your sensibilities. A major part of making creatives is the graphics involved. You can be a reason behind a highly popular design that won over so many hearts. You want to put your strength to use, then social media is the career for you.
  7. Great at interactions?
    Your interpersonal skills may have always been great. Social media offers you a way to put them to use. A social media expert should know how to sell and have the ability to sell anything under the sun and moon, making it seem the best buy. Think you’re game?
  8. Informal is thy name: You’ve probably always hated the staunch formal strictness that official behaviour entails. Social media mavericks are probably the most chilled out people to work with. While work is always a priority, being able to function with spontaneity is a great attraction, right? Social media is a mixed pot, where if you find what you’re looking for, there’s no career better. A social media expert is a jack of as well as a master of all trades. If you’ve been looking for a career that’s also fun and full of life and innovativeness, your search possibly ends here. You now know, what your break is going to be.

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