Tried and tested ways to boost your E-Commerce sale via Facebook Advertising

ways to boost e commerce sale via facebook advertising

Searching for Customers online for your E-commerce website? Look nowhere, head to Facebook Adverts straight.

  • What does Facebook Adverts has in store for you? A lot, we say
  1. Options from broad to nano target the audience.
  2. Insights to optimize your Ad campaigns for better delivery & improved ROI
  3. Wide range of platforms to showcase your ads
  4. Facebook
  5. Facebook messenger
  6. Instagram
  7. Instant Articles
  8. Audience Network
  9. A big audience range with self-help options
  • What more one could ask for!

Well, above is just the brief of the features that Facebook Adverts has to offer. Let’s now let the cat out of the bag and tell you how to acquire leads in real time & long-term customers via Facebook. But before that, go through the checklist for the Facebook adverts basics as necessary steps you should follow before beginning.

  1. Get your Facebook Pixels Placed on your website.
  2. Chalk out your audience – Saved Audience or Retargeting or Lookalike Audience
  3. Plan your budget, I would suggest to go with Daily budget & then optimize to lifetime budget after listing the insights on how your Ads are performing.
  4. List down your best-selling products.
  5. Select the placement where you want to advertise (Remember showing a Kitchen Appliance on the Instagram page will not make much sense, because majority of the audience on Instagram is Youth).
  6. Get your ad creative done based on your product/category, tips for ads keep them simple, yet colorful as the background of both, Facebook & Instagram, the timeline is white.

Tip 1: Optimize your campaign on Conversions or run Facebook Dynamic Ads that are self-help ads.

Tip 2: Keep the Conversion window of 7 Day for tracking the conversions

On choosing either of the above, Facebook will automatically show the ads to people who are likely to become your customer (complex algorithm and such stuff which we can skip for now).

I am not just preaching, but telling it from a long experience of running Facebook ads for all types of clients on the earth!

Following are a few such examples of how the conversions multiplied ads E-Commerce Clients by advertising on Facebook.

  • How we multiplied business for one of our FMCG clients by 8 times

Problem: Earlier, the client was running ads based on Saved Audience & after few initial months the sales started to deteriorate.

Solution: Nothing to panic, a usual scenario faced by many. We first ran our ads on a Lookalike Audience & got 2X amount of conversion from the ads. That’s not all, we got more juice for the client by starting to Retarget our ads to the people who have already visited our website & that’s where we touched a record 8X times of conversion.

Tip: Exclude the people who have liked your page when you setup the ad, as it will help you target the people who are potentials customers.

  • A shoe brand getting 5 times more order, more than ever before

Problem: Sales were stagnant with no significant purchase even after trying many ad types with an inventory management team that had nothing more to do than sitting idle.

Solution: Saved Audience and working on buyer persona came as a savior in this case. Selection of the targeted locations & keywords only after intense research, which resulted in better ad delivery & hence conversion. Within a month the client got 5X times more orders by just following the basics.

  • How we chose the correct location & keywords:

The locations were majorly the top 10 cities in India with maximum online orders & keywords were related to the latest fashion trends & major Mid-range shoe brands in India.

And the bottom line, keep experimenting with the audience be it saved audience, retargeting or lookalike & place a campaign for each of the audience, let it deliver for some time. Then analyze, find the problems implement the changes and repeat.

In a similar situation? Connect with us and we will be happy to help!

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