How To Use Social Media To Hype Your Product Pre Launch

social media to hype product pre launch

Before we talk about how should one hype their product pre-launch using Social Media, one should understand why is it required in the first place. Ever wondered why the practice of pre-wedding shoots has become common nowadays? Well, that’s your answer to the fact as to why should you hype your product pre-launch! You simply need to create a buzz as to gain attention before the D-day! And equally simple is how to create this hype. Follow a few basic steps at the pre-launch phase, and you will be on your way to a successful product launch!

Imagine having a fab product but no customers to appreciate it at the day of the launch! Why? Because your audience wasn’t aware of your product’s coming into being! In this age of Social Media, it becomes imperative to capitalise on things, at the right time, in order to get the right result.

Perhaps, the best example for the most hype created for a product pre-launch by a Brand would be Apple. There are rumours, there is anticipation, and there’s a whole lot of excitement! The perfect setup before the launch of one of the most looked forward to products. The result?

  1. There are pre-registrations before the launch of the product.
  2. When the product actually gets launched, there are innumerable people waiting in long queues all night to lay their hands upon the much awaited.
  3. The product gets sold out within days!

Now, you obviously can’t be Apple, but you can always pick up the right things and make your product pre-launch a success.

It’s a universal truth that the world gets fascinated by mystery! The urge to seek the unknown, the curiosity to know all about it, is what drives people. And this is exactly the sentiment a marketer needs to play upon. Tease your audience until you’re sure they are eagerly waiting for you to unravel your new product!

Now, Let’s Get To The Few Steps That Could Be Adopted To Create Such Hype:


A sneak peek into what’s brewing, a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes, without giving away many details, would make your audience eager to know more about you and your product at the time of the launch. Focus not just on the product, but also on the people so as to build a real connection with your audience. As a result, they would buy, or at least share some information about your product in the days to come.


A must try! A countdown never fails to capture the interest of the audience. Keep them glued with one and your audience will not only get excited as and when the launch date approaches, but also get reminded of your product again and again. A countdown accompanied by a few tried and tested hashtags form a great team! A #StayTuned would actually keep your audience stay tuned to anything that’s of interest to them. #ComingSoon is another hashtag that keeps the momentum going.


Need a strategy that helps your customer know more about your product with minimum effort and just a few clicks? Need something that helps you keep a tab on the conversations taking place around your product? Create an exclusive hashtag! You could choose a Brand/Product specific hashtag, but do keep your hashtag simple, and easy to remember. Long, complicated ones should be avoided! Hashtags also help spread the word in a much easier fashion, as whosoever uses it while communicating about it, adds to it! As and when you approach your launch, you can create different hashtags depending on the stage your product launch is at. Even your contests can have exclusive hashtags, helping you connect with your audience.


One of the best ways to hype your product pre-launch on Social Media is to host a contest around it. Everyone loves to win free goodies! A simple contest, with a decent gratification, attracts a lot of attention. Contests are a sure shot way to create a buzz, engage the audience, and spread the word!


Not only do early bird invitations bring along with them a sense of exclusivity, but it also gives a sense of accomplishment to those who always wish to be ahead of the rest. Invite only registrations take the exclusivity levels to the next level! Special updates, inside news, help create Brand loyalists right at the onset.


The right bloggers + The right audience = The right buzz

The key is to give exclusive and varied bits about your product to different bloggers, for them to pass on to their respective readers. This way the audience does not lose their interest. Choose separate bloggers for different social media platforms, so as to leverage each of the set of audience, the best way possible.


While you’re planning the pre-launch of your product, there are some basic steps that need to be followed, one of which is to ensure proper content marketing. One of the most reliable ways to enhance the buzz created about a product pre-launch is through regular blogs about the product and the value addition it’s due to bring about. Additionally, you could also seek guest blogging from non-competitor business owners. Keyword rich copies and titles, along with contextual backlinks to your blogs would also boost the efforts of creating a buzz.


They find out about your product. They believe in your idea. They invest something in it. For those who would invest their money in your campaign, would also want to tell everyone they know, about it. Crowd funding is another way of ensuring a free PR activity for your product by those who have already bought your product concept. Moreover, crowd funding never means having to share your profit, it in fact, only involves raising money through a group of supporters.


Ensure all your Social Media platforms have the same content up and running so that your audience can connect with the Brand wherever they may be. Consistency and relevancy play an important role in being on top of the mind of your prospective audience. Along with the content, one must also keep the image type, font, also the same so as to create a kind of branding for the brand.


A catchy image or an engaging copy is nothing if not backed by a well thought out Call to Action. Your audience may come across your post but what next? What do you want them to do? Should they register themselves or apply a code? Should they share the post or tag a friend? A Call to Action helps give direction to your audience. All you have to do is to let them know what’s expected of them and that too in a fashion which attracts their attention among the numerous posts they may come across each day.


Pre-launch or post, in order to make your presence felt in front of your audience, you got to post frequently. The buzz created before the launch should not fade away after it. Social Media is a 24*7, 365 days a year affair. Weekends or festive holidays don’t apply here! Hence, engaging the audience constantly becomes the key.


Any engaging activity results in conversations. The key is to interact with those interacting with you. Answering their questions and acknowledging their curiosity has positive effects on the minds of the audience and helps create loyal Brand advocates even before the launch of the product.


All your efforts shall go to waste if you do not reach out to your audience at the right moment. You ought to examine the behaviour of your prospective audience and post at the right time. What are the best days to post, what is the time when you receive the best traction, are some of the questions you have to keep in mind before posting any content on your Social Media pages. They say, time is crucial, we say, it sure is!

So, these were a few valuable steps that could be brought into use while devising a strategy to hype a product pre-launch on Social Media. What needs to be borne in mind is the fact that it isn’t necessary that all of these pointers need to be adopted each time. One must understand the relevancy of each of them considering the product, establish who do they want to talk about it, and what do they want this audience to talk about, and what do they wish to do in order to make their pre-launch the talk of the town.

Lastly, the most vital things of all that needs to be kept in mind, is the fact that Social Media not only requires the effort of implementing these strategies, but any activity would also take time to optimise and achieve the desired results.

Now that I have listed down the various steps that could be utilised to create hype, let me ask you if you have already tried any of them, or did you create hype for your product pre-launch any differently? Let’s discuss!

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