Tips To Handle Negative Comments On Your Social Media Platforms

tips to handle negative comments on social media platfroms

Social media is a free world in itself; it is a platform open to all. Which means there might be people who do not agree with you on many things and this is also applicable for your brand/page. Hence, the negative comments.

Every one has their own preferences that affects the point of view towards different brands. There may be nothing wrong with a product, but a critic bias towards it will find a way or two to prove there is. Sure that will affect its reputation, but if tackled decently it may turn some votes in your favour.

Here are few tips to handle negative comments on social media Platforms:

Be Quick:

Keeping track of people’s reaction is as important as any other aspect of social media for any brand. It helps in handling any feedback or query on your Facebook page or Twitter handle rather quickly and is also beneficial if you are quick in replying to comments on your page. Such efforts show that you are concerned about people who are connected to your page and eager to help someone facing an issue with your product. Keeping customers waiting will only make things worse.

Always keep your calm:

The best way to keep your calm while dealing with negative feedback is, putting yourself in their shoes. For example, you bought something and it disappointed you, imagine the pain. You paid for it. You’ll be furious. So always remember how you would have reacted to such an issue if it had happened with you and respond to that customer/comment accordingly. Under any circumstances you must not lose your cool, as it is your responsibility to keep your customers happy.

You’re not a bot; so don’t act like one:

It feels both dumb and funny when we see the same reply to different comments on a page. There are so many pages (of brands) on which you’ll see a fixed set of replies again and again. It’s like they have an ‘agenda’ for replying to the comments. Never do this. It’s ok to have a format for replying to a comment but don’t sound like an automated answering voice of a customer care centre. It’s not always required to write a whole story as a reply, but it is important to sound like a human who actually cares to resolve a customer’s issue. This gives a sense of assurance to the person trying to get his/her problem solved. Making it easier to understand each other better.

Take it as an opportunity:

Word of mouth is the best marketing channel for any brand, so treat every negative comment as an opportunity of turning an angry customer into a satisfied one. This will be beneficial for you in two ways – one, it will solve the problem that the customer is facing; and two, they will appreciate your efforts in front of people they know.

What happens on social media, stays on social media (Literally):

Always remember that once it’s on the internet, YOU CAN NOT UNDO IT. So be wise and careful while replying to a negative tweet or comment about you, or any comment for that matter. You are not allowed to make mistakes on social media as a brand. None, or you’ll be the next big target for the trollers waiting like sharks to feed off you. And that’s definitely not a good way to get famous.

tips to handle negative comments on social media platforms

Handling a negative comment is not as hard as it sounds. If you can understand the problem or the reason behind such comment, it won’t be difficult for any brand to resolve it. What can be critical is, when you have nothing to do with the controversy and still get caught in the act, just because your company’s name sounds similar to the one responsible for all the mess.Well in such a scenario all you can do is clear the misunderstanding and pray.

Hope all these tips help you in handling everything that’s negative.

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  1. Reseller Hosting with WHMCS · June 5, 2017

    Negative comments impact on our Blogging Skills, We need to work on the negative Feedback whether that were good for us or not.