Effective Tips To Conduct A Social Media Contest

social media contest

So, if you’re here, it’s most probably because you’re planning to run a social media contest for your business, or you’re just interested in ‘knowing how it’s done. Anyway, you’re not going to go empty handed from here.

No! This is not one of those “giveaways” where you get something at the end, but if that Is what came to your mind, congratulation, you already have an idea of what a Social Media Contest should have, prizes!

So, let’s begin with the most basic questions that you should have answers to, before even starting with the social media contest.

  1. What are your objectives?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Which platform do you want to choose and what kind of contest?
  4. What’re you going to offer?
  5. How to implement everything?

Now, let me answer your entire questionnaire and let’s step into the world of effective Social Media Contesting.


First things first, clear your objectives. Know if you want brand recognition, expose a particular product or you’re just interested in increasing the number of fans.


Know how much you are willing to spend. For example, if you want to expose a new product, are you ready to give away samples for free, if yes then how many of them? You can also promote it to a larger audience if you have a higher budget, which you wouldn’t need if you follow the points below.

Platform And The Type Of Contest:

Decide one platform that you want to run your contest on and stick to it. You can surely cross-promote it on other platforms but your main focus should be on one platform.

Now, to decide what platform you should choose is answered by the first two questions. If you have your goals clear, you know what platform would be the best.

It all depends on your target audience, if you just want engagement, you can run a simple “Like-Share-Comment” contest on Facebook and watch the audience actively take part.

But, if you want a deeper engagement, choose a platform with more dedicated audience and a contest that requires them to make a little effort. For example, a genuinely interested user will make the efforts of clicking a photo (if asked) and uploading it on Facebook or Instagram tagging you, their friends with your contest’s dedicated hashtag (We’ll talk about this later).

Also, if you’re into publishing, news etc, running a poll or voting on Twitter is a great way to start a discussion and promote your related magazine or paper, article etc.

So, decide a platform according to the leads you want, genuinely dedicated or just more engaged users and then the type of social media contest.

Pre-Implementation Process:

Start with planning an attractive artwork as different kind of images work for different kind of users and the images need to be further customized according to the platform you choose. Don’t forget to feature the product or prize in the artwork while you’re at it.

Now, once you’re done with the artwork, focus on creating an attractive hashtag that you’d encourage the participants to use whenever they share it, or take part in the contest. This will create an exclusivity for your contest or product.

Then, before running the contest, make sure that the prizes you offer are related to your business/product.


Now comes the most important part, the implementation!

Publish your contest on the platform and promote it everywhere, on all platforms. Create a buzz of that contest. Keep sharing the contest and the audience interested. It’s important to keep replying of appreciating the audience’s efforts while the contest is live.

The Must Do’s:

While the social media contest is live, make sure to keep the audience engaged with active discussions and asking for their views.

Now, when the contest ends, apart from rewarding the winners, make sure to reward all the participants with a participation bonus in the form of discounts or offers.

This way you’ll grab attention of all the users who, initially, took part only to win a prize and had an intention of opting out as soon as the contest ends. The users, then, will keep engaging with all the other posts in order to get more offers.

Happy Contesting to you!