Think before you ‘Like!’ What reactions will Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ bring?

For all those who thought Facebook did not allow you to ‘express’ your love, disappointment or excitement, you haven’t read about this. Yes, you have been living under the rock! With Facebook already rolling out its new ‘Reactions’ feature, you can now express your emotion through an emoji. It’s as simple as that.


Although the new feature, which is essentially an extension of the much loved ‘like’ button on Facebook, is still on testing grounds and awaits a launch in many countries, it can be safely predicted that ‘Reactions’ have & would evoke a wave of reactions from the users of Facebook. This is primarily because with this, it brings about a change in how people ‘like’ things in Facebook.  Now apart from the all-encompassing ‘like’ button, you can now emote with love, haha, yay, wow, sad or even angry!

It wouldn’t be untrue to state that introduction of this feature is Facebook’s step towards engaging users on a more personal and deeper level. In a way, it makes Facebook more humane, where it understands a ‘cheeky smile’ , a ‘warm, fuzzy smile’,  sadness, anger, or even a shout out of excitement!

How would it benefit the marketers?

Not just general users, with Facebook fast emerging as a giant platform for brand endorsements & digital marketing, the new ‘reaction’ feature might also prove to be helpful to marketers, providing them with a better & more comprehensive understanding of customer feedback.


A graphical representation of people’s reactions on page posts

Here are a few reasons that could justify why marketers would benefit from Facebook’s latest offering.

  • Help them reach out to a wider audience
  • Calls for easy conversation, where customers can express their reaction with a simple emoji
  • Gives an insight into the reader’s mind
  • Involves less time & effort, which would engage more users
  • Better analysis of the kind of reaction a post evokes

With Facebook still test-running this feature in many countries, we need to watch out what reaction it garners here. Will it be received with love? Well, let’s wait and watch!