Ways To Use Social Proof To Boost Your Business

social proofs

It is easy to blow your own trumpet, what matters is someone else doing it for you. Social Proof does the same for your business, letting the world know of your efficiency!

According to Wikipedia, Social proof is a “psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.”

Social Proofs have been there since long, both offline and online. Marketers have used these to influence their customer psyche. Though they share their significance in offline marketing but have even more important role to play when it comes to online marketing. While being online you don’t get to compare things directly. All you can rely on are the social proofs they get from other customers.

Social proofs play a very important role in building credibility for your business. Here are some social proofs which can be used to boost your business:

Share Milestones:

It is a human psychology to follow others. Sharing milestones will help others know that you have achieved something and hence are worth following . Also, make some noise for people who helped to reach that milestone.

Examples of milestones:

Number of users, app downloads, customers/clients etc.



If you are rated high, do mention these while promoting your product or service. After all who doesn’t like an extra star?


You must have yourself checked, what others are telling about that product you are going to buy? Do we need to tell more about the importance reviews hold in building credibility!

Those High-End Clients:

If some big names are taking your services or using your products, it shows your excellence. But we are sure, for business expansion you will need more of such clients. Why not use your existing clients to garner more customers and then more and more.

On your website keep ‘Our Clients’ section.

Also if you are serving a good chunk of clients then do mention the size of your large customer base. This helps others to know about your dependability factor, giving good first impression.

Display Testimonials:

Got an email from your client about how they love your services? Apart from sending a thank you mail, spread the words to the world too! Trust us on this, your clients will love it cause who doesn’t like to show their humble side 🙂

Certifications, Badges:

These show your expertise in niche. These will surely bring in business. Win win!

certification badge

Other than these highlight anything that comes under the sun, praising you and your business.

You must also know how to tell people subtly about your achievements. If done wrong, at times these social proofs may look like some cheap promotion. Here are a few tips to do it right:

1. Share via social media posts.


2. Celebrate on various Social Media platforms if you have reached a particular milestone.

3. On occasions like anniversary, you can run contests, hold Q&A sessions, go live to boost engagements.

4. Display the social proofs on your website. Have sections like ‘Our Client’, ‘Recent Mentions’ etc. Also show numbers like customer base, projects you have worked on, years completed, etc.


5. Use your social proofs in ads. Proofs like ratings, number of clients, etc.

google ad proof

6. Highlight areas in which you are exceptional on the cover pages of Social platforms.

7. Write a blog or a case study of how you made it to that achievement.

The gist is, Social Proofs are made to boost your business presence and credibility. So, if you were applauded in one of those press meets, or got an award as a result of your hard work, or did what nobody else could and got an acknowledgement, share those. Let everyone know how good you are at the job.

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