Social Media Simplified!

social media marketing

Whenever we ask small business owners – which platforms they use to market their product. In single breath they blurt out – Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. You see, we are on every platform, with a satisfactory smile on their face. Well, it is not just with small business owners (SMB’s or SME’s) but with big brands as well. The reason why almost everyone is on Facebook is because people think it is the ultimate cure for everything. Is it? Maybe, for some, but not necessarily for everyone. To know which platform might be Godsend for you, just read on!

Why you should use it: Because it is the mother of all social media platforms, with an active monthly user base of 1.71 billion.
Who should use it: Everyone, you heard that right. Whether you are just starting out or you are a biggie in your niche. Just grace your presence!
How much should I post: At least one post each day.
Pros: A colossal potential customer base, state of the art analytics, great targeting, and remarketing.
Cons: Declining organic reach, advertisement blindness.
Verdict: Facebook is a great tool to engage, build and retain customer base irrespective of your niche.

Why you should use it: When words fumble or deceive, pictures speak volumes.
Who should use it: Though I would say everyone, but you must, if you own luxury, fashion, food or lifestyle brand or you want under 30 targeting.
How much should I post: At least one post each day.
Pros: Astounding engagement, deeper connection, hashtag leverage.
Cons: Everything has to be conveyed in terms of pictures, mostly apt for young & tech savvy people.
Verdict: If you are good with pictures, have a keen eye for design and you are hashtag king/queen – think no more and join the bandwagon!

Why you should use it: It is the best medium to voice your opinion, project your ideas and let influencers listen to you, err… your tweet
Who should use it: Basically everyone, but if you have quick wit, and can intertwine that with your product, there is no turning back.
How much should I post: Multiple times per day, ideally 5-10.
Pros:  Influential marketing, easier to make connections, and to track data.
Cons: Might take some time to develop and engage followers.
Verdict: With the number of intellectually stimulating audience on a rise, Twitter can be a strong channel to promote your brand, but again know your audience well.

Linkedin :
Why you should use it: Away from all the noise, this is your “it” platform if you want to develop, leverage and influence your professional network.
Who should use it: Great for B2B businesses and recruiters.
How much should I post: 2-4 posts in a week.
Pros: No fluff just straight business, easier to connect with potential customers, influencers.
Cons: Demands putting in good time, limited user interaction compared with other platforms.
Verdict: Great tool for B2B businesses or if you are targeting professional audience, not so much if your core group is under 21.

Pinterest :
Why you should use it: Do you know, Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet?
I bet you not! It is great for businesses who can offer visual delight to the customers.
Who should use it: Businesses specifically targeting women, fashion, food, lifestyle, branding etc.
How much should I post: 2-3 times in a day.
Pros: A great way to know what your target customers’ expectations and potential buys.
Cons: Skewed customer base of female by 4:1.
Verdict: It is a great platform to explore certain categories but if your customer base is mostly men or time constraint women executives, this might not be the place for you.

Why you should use it: With over 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps per day, it is one of the fastest growing social networks.
Who should use it: Businesses who love giving a peek into their life or love going live to their audience.  Also if you are targeting customers in the age range of 18-25.
How much should I post: 3-4 snaps in a day.
Pros: You can host account takeovers, giving on the spot offers and informing about the events to your audience all in real time.
Cons: Very young customer base, more inclined towards fashion, food and health brands.
Verdict: If your target audience is young and social media crazy, snapchat could take you into their lives without spending a dime.

Let us know in comments, what is your go to social media platform!