Social Media Platforms To Look Out For

Tanvi_blogA furor is created among the populace with the advent of social media, we have created an audience for ourselves which sticks by us at every time, be it the time when we’re having a scrumptious dish or hiking the Himalayan terrain. Connecting to someone is just a few clicks away but people seldom realize that social media is a tumultuous playing ground, it’s in a continuous flux which makes it a little cumbersome. These social media platforms fear being passé, like Orkut or MySpace which slowly withered away because they failed to cater to the growing social needs. Adaptation is vital, especially for marketers who look at an audience of 1.7 billion people, around one-quarter of the world population, who are browsing through their social accounts. For that reason, it shouldn’t be very surprising to see new platforms bubbling up and if you’re a marketer, shying away from the knowledge of these platforms means lacking the fervor it takes to be in the industry. So here is a list of few Social Media platforms you should be looking out for –


  • Snapchat – In 2014 Audi decided to venture out by using a relatively new social platform, the excitement of this campaign spilled over to other platforms as well and the result was a total of 37 million social impressions! How did this happen? This app’s success lies in their non-traditional roots, its unique access to the live events which might not be convenient on other platforms. Snapchat gives a more personal experience to the users, a more authentic view of what’s going on at the event. With the addition of their feature ‘Discover’ marketers really perked up, the enthusiasm was such that fashion brands such as Michael Kors has used Snapchat to debut their collection to followers before they hit the runway.


  • Reddit – This platform works on a simple user interface which basically consists of links and thumbnail images. While it still lacks the mainstream recognition of Facebook and Twitter, their ‘subreddit’ feature has gained a serious momentum over a brief period of time. Numerous subreddits are created which cover every topic that can come to your mind. It brings to you a certain set of audience which fits your specific demographic or audience to which you want to target your strategies. Various subreddits are devoted to specific brands such as Nike, Coca Cola or Taco Bell which compartmentalizes audience and marketers can even drive vital information for their future campaigns.


  • Vine – A six-second video that runs on a loop. Sounds fun? It’s ingenious! The best feature of this app lies in its simplicity. It is ideally suited for a generation whose attention span is notoriously short, but the shortness of the clips inspires creativity which in turn compels marketers to come up with campaigns that will grab the attention of the user in mere six seconds. When it comes to selling products online Vine stands a catalyst as a user demands high on information ads, and what better way of promoting the product than an inventive video showcasing the product. Various brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Oreo, Sony, Adidas and Disney have taken resort to this interactive interface to engage with their audience and the results have been phenomenal!


  • Pinterest – If you’re looking for people with specified interests, then Pinterest is the place to be! This platform is devised while keeping the marketers needs in mind, vis a vis they have created educational marketing material for optimum utilization of marketing techniques. Images and videos, with their attractive capabilities, are easier to access, which is perhaps the reason why Instagram broke into social media space so easily. Pinterest is ideating from the same concept, pinning images and creating boards is easy and it improves visibility and user engagement.

Rest assured, there will always be new and improved technology which would shake up the whole social scenario. So we suggest you dive in head first, into this Social Media flux to keep your business into the race.