Social Media Metrics To Get You Started


If you are managing the social media marketing for your business. You already know by now that there are hundreds of metrics, but do you have to analyse them all? A very cliche answer would be that it depends from business to business. But, in this post, I will be covering the metrics from different social networks that would matter most for your business.

First question first, what are social media metrics:

In simple words, social media metrics are numbers that help you define your marketing strategy to achieve certain goals. As a business we all have certain goals. For some business it would be brand awareness, for some purely sales. Depending on what your business is and what your goals are, you will set the metrics. Don’t you worry, I will cover all these important metrics in this post.

Metrics, and everything that you need for your business:

Facebook Insights:
When you go to your Facebook business page, you will see an insights option on the top. Upon clicking on it a whole new world will open upto you.


This includes the following metrics:

Actions on Page: It shows the number of people who have clicked on your contact info and call to action buttons.

Page Views: The number of people who viewed your page and its sections.

Page Likes: Total Page Likes is the number of unique people who liked your Page. New Page Likes shows the number of new Likes your Page received during the last seven days, compared with the previous seven-day period.

Post Reach: It shows the number of people your posts reached to via organic means or ads. It is captured through likes, comments, shares etc.

Post Engagement: People Engaged is the number of unique users who have clicked, liked, commented on or shared your posts during the last seven days.

Twitter Analytics:
In Twitter, when you will click on your profile, you will see Analytics section. It will provide a detailed 28 day summary of your page.


Included are the following metrics.

Tweets: The number of Tweets you’ve posted to your account.

Tweet Impressions: The number of times, users saw the tweet on Twitter.

Profile Visits: The number of people who have visited your profile.

Mentions: The number of times your username has been mentioned by others.

Followers: The number of followers on your Twitter account.

Tweets Linking to you: The number of Tweets attributed to you in Twitter Cards with URLs.

Linkedin Analytics:
These metrics include the following.


Impressions: The number of times the update was shown to LinkedIn members.

Clicks: The number of clicks on your content, company name or logo.

Interactions: The number of likes, comments and shares on your update.

Followers: The number of followers you acquired when sponsoring an update.

Engagement: The number of interactions divided by number of impressions.

In the visitors section, you will see these two metrics:

Page Views: The total number of times your company page was viewed.

Unique Visitors: The number of unique visits paid by Linkedin members.

Pinterest Analytics:
You can find the analytics, under your profile, and you will be greeted with these terms.


Avg. monthly viewers: The average number of people who have seen your Pins over the past 30 days.

• Avg. monthly engaged: The average number of people who engaged (saved, clicked,etc.) with your Pins each month.

Did I miss out something, let me know in the comments.