Social Media Guide For Small Businesses

In today’s age & time, social media serves as the face of the connected world. A huge audience is available on various social sites- interacting, reviewing, sharing & generating content.   Following the trend, small businesses have started to rely on Social Media Marketing as a way to attract new customers. Nearly 93% of the small ventures are using Facebook to launch and promote their products. This is how the enterprises are creating a mark for themselves in the digital world.

Social Media For Small Business

The following are the simple steps that small business owners should take to build a presence on Social Media-

1. Maintain Social Media Hygiene

 Often, in the excitement of starting marketing on social media platforms, small business owners neglect some basics. Here’s a small check-list to ensure the hygiene is maintained-

  • Formulate your About Us section on all social media platforms. Not only, it looks unprofessional to leave it empty, this is also losing on an opportunity to impress a prospective customer.
  • Add your website in your bio or like on Facebook, on the specific section provided. If you do not have a website, mention your email address.
  • Brand yourself- Using a generic cover photo & profile picture leaves a bad impression. Use branded & size optimized cover & display pictures.

2. Experiment With The Content

 Content being the lifeblood of social media, aims at engaging the target audience with the objective of driving beneficial consumer action. It can be in the form of an image, a blog, a post or even a tweet that defines the brand and its significance. A good content fascinates the audience and convinces them to buy a product, in return driving sale. The subject matter that has to be shared should be handled carefully. It should be crisp and clear, thus creating a positive image of your brand. For example, sharing a post on Facebook or Twitter that showcases the differentiating factor of your product/service, portraying how it caters to the daily needs of the consumers and enhancing it by using taglines, images, campaigns or contests, helps to catch the attention of the viewer easily, who in turn becomes keen to know more about you.

3. Prioritize Social Media Care

The success of any business depends on how closely knit are they to their customers. It is not only the best way to track the growth of your brand  by knowing what people have to say about it but also helps building a long term relationship with them. Responding to the questions, comments and feedbacks, positive or negative, gives you an opportunity to modify your business activities and improve the overall quality of the product/service. At Solomofy, we make sure all the queries/complaints are responded and the customer is not alienated. 

4. The power of Mobile- They say, “The mobile web is twice as social as desktop”. With the advancement in technology, mobile phones have become the preferred method of engaging with the online audience. There are around 350 million smartphone owners who surf the internet at a given point in time through their mobile. In comparison to other networks, Facebook and Twitter dominate with almost 75% of mobile share. Keeping this in mind the size of the content should be customized in such a way that its looks appropriate for the small screen and conveys the desired message to all the viewers. On the other hand, an unorganized layout leaves the viewer distracted, thus becoming a hindrance in creating a powerful impact on its audience.

These are some of the ways through which small businesses can start building their brand on social media. What other best practices should small business owners follow? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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