Why Social Media Management Softwares Are Not Sufficient?


Now a days most of the businesses- small, big alike think that buying Social Media Management Softwares will suffice their content needs. This is far from the truth. Though most of the softwares can automate the various aspects of content marketing life cycle, but content generation is still very much a manual process. In fact creating content, which is both engaging and effective is easier said than done, and this is precisely the reason why it remains the number one challenge for content marketers.

Content Generation Is The Need Of The Hour

In the recent days Facebook has launched back to back updates, making the process of reaching out to customers simpler and easier. The million dollar question remains the same: how to entice the customers to your business page? We all know that you need great content, everyone know this but when it comes to creating it, things change. If I talk about the life cycle of content, it starts with finding a nice or viral topic, making a post around it, scheduling on different platforms, posting it, and checking out the analytics to see the engagement. As you must have seen scheduling, posting and analytics are the last steps of this cycle, yet people care about it way too much. We need to understand that finding and creating content is the key to any viral marketing campaign. Though there are a lot of great Social Media Management Softwares, they only automate the scheduling and posting requirements, for the content you will have to fight tooth and nail everyday.

Story Behind Awesome Content Creators

There are two types of people in this world, first are those who are blessed with an innate sense of creativity & aesthetics, great knowledge about target audience, and sharp eye to catch trends and convert them into campaigns. The other category includes people like me, who knows what a great post looks like but when it comes to making one, are absolutely clueless. Fear not guys, for people like us there are other options such as hiring a social media marketing agency or freelancers. These people are masters of their trade, they know what the trends are, have experience in creating great posts and above all understand different businesses and their requirements well. So my suggestion for you would be to figure out which category you fall in and then take pertinent action.

Go Fast Or Go Home

Did it ever happen with you when you saw a story trending on Facebook or Twitter and you got this amazing idea, to make a campaign around it. But, by the time you were done the story was long dead. I do not blame you because there are so many things that we try to accomplish in a day that something always lags behind. I won’t be lecturing you on being more efficient or prioritising your time well. The truth is no matter what, when you are running a business something will be left unattended to, and more often than not we over look our social media strategies, which is a lethal sin. If you think that you are not able to devote the sort of time that you should devote to social media, seek out help – friends(provided they have experience in social media), freelancers or a Social Media Marketing Agency.

In conclusion, I would just say that get your content strategy in place. First think about planning and creating content that helps you spread out the word about your business, and then about scheduling, posting, and analytics.

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  1. manav · November 3, 2016

    really liked the idea of making a campaign around a trending story.Nice writeup

    • administrator
      Vinita Joshi · November 3, 2016

      Thanks Manav!