Why Do You Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy And How To Start One?

need social media marketing strategy

Strategy, as the word suggests, is a plan of action devised to achieve one’s goals. A Social Media Marketing Strategy thus states how an organisation intends to use Social Media to achieve its goals. Once you have decided to have your Brand’s presence in the Social Media space, the next vital step is to devise such a Social Media Strategy, that it helps you achieve the very objectives you started off with. A mere presence on Social Media or random postings will not help a Brand, unless of course, it is backed up by a well thought of Social Media Marketing Strategy, for without it, the content you put up is just some regular stuff, and the world has enough of such stuff!

They say, “Social Media without strategy leads to Social Media tragedy!” Read on to know why is it so important for your business.

You would come across several explanations that reiterate the fact that strategy is important when it comes to achieving your Social Media goals. I’m listing a few pretty valid ones here, backed with proper explanation, for you to be able to comprehend it better.


A good start depends on a solid foundation, which in turn depends on a clear vision, right at the onset of the journey. Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy gives you a proper direction.

Now this is something which is usually experienced across start ups more than others. They all have a great idea and the fervour to make it big in the online space, but what is mostly lacking is a direction, a strategy of how to take things forward, and that’s where good, dependable Social Media Marketing Companies come into the picture. Helping Brands set the communication right, at the word go, is something they should often take credit for!


Compared to the traditional ways of marketing, Social Media Marketing is easier on the pocket, while it also lets Brands reach out to niche audiences in various, customisable ways.

One would come across various Social Media Marketing Companies with a different set of offerings under different packages, but the investment is most feasible when a robust strategy helps them gain exactly what they wish to. Be it engagement, website traffic, fan acquisition, or Brand awareness, all that matters is what your ROI is at the end of the day.


 Knowing what you can offer is essential, but being aware of what the competition can offer is indispensable. Moreover, keeping a track of what your competitors are up to, allows you to keep improving upon your own Social Media Strategy.

An effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is one which not only focuses on content mapping before starting with the work on a client, but also pays equal heed to competitor mapping. Not just that, it is essential to keep pace with industry trends, so that your clients don’t lag behind in any aspect.


 Knowing what your customer likes/dislikes, what interests them and what doesn’t, is imperative. For this very reason, most Social Media Marketing Companies rely on the detailed analytics report. Reaching out with the right content, to the right people, on the right platform, and in the right way, is the key to the effectiveness of your Social Media Campaign.

Analytics become crucial here, downloading the insights at the end of the day, week, or month, would not make a difference, unless you monitor what worked for the Brand in question and what did not. Keeping a tab on the analytics allows you to take necessary action, whenever need be.


 Interacting with your customer poses your Brand as one which is caring and accountable at the same time. As a result, it helps Brands establish their credibility.

Be it a start up or a small and medium business, with all that amount of work and those multiple things to be taken care of, their time is precious, and so is each of their prospective customer. It is because of this very reason that the hired Social Media Marketing Company should ensure that every enquiry, every message of appreciation or concern is dealt with timely, in order to help the audience trust the Brands.


Almost half of the Social Media users already have their next purchase in mind while they browse through the Social Media platforms. More and more users are becoming active while deciding what to buy, where to eat, based on what they see on Social Media, or hear/read in reviews or become aware of through discussions with peers.

Among various paid and organic factors that determine the purchase decisions of your prospective customer, one thing that we can count on to, is the campaigns/contests conducted by the Brand to enhance user engagement. Such campaigns or contests work much better during festive seasons like now, when people are willing to indulge, and don’t mind putting that effort to participate in initiatives by the Brands.

Ever thought of what a ‘Share your Diwali selfie’ contest can do for your Brand? Simple, yet effective.

The Social Media space, as they call it, is a level playing field, which implies that big Brands may have bigger ad budgets compared to their smaller counterparts, but when it comes to Social Media Marketing, all of them do start on an equal footing. It is here that strategy plays a crucial role!

Now that we have seen why the presence of a Social Media Marketing Strategy is vital, let’s understand how exactly should we devise one.

social media marketing strategy

Step 1: Establish Social Media objectives and goals that you wish to achieve

Step 2: Assess the current Social Media platforms and determine the purpose of each Social Media profile

Step 3: Create or improve upon the existing Social Media accounts

Step 4: Observe what industry leaders, competitors, and clients are doing in the Social Media space.

Step 5: Formulate a content marketing plan, along with the calendar for each month.

Step 6: Find your voice and decide on your tone

Step 7: Choose the posting strategy, the kind of content to go up, at what time, and in what frequency.

Step 8: Track, test, monitor, evaluate the plan, and then record and analyse all details.

Even after we devise a well structured Social Media Marketing Strategy, we should realize that it would need to constantly evolve, keeping pace with new networks, new targets, and new challenges.

Social Media today, is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing space. But, if you enter the space thinking of how would you promote your business before thinking of how would you build a relationship with the prospective customer, then the entire process becomes futile because Social Media is not a channel which should help promote, but it is rather a channel which would help build!

So, does your Brand have an online presence? Do you wish to see your Brand making its own mark in the Social Media space? Do you have a Social Media Marketing Strategy designed for your Brand? Or are you looking for that right start? Visit https://www.solomomedia.com/pricing to browse through our offerings.

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