Methods for leveraging Instagram for Social Presence & Brand Awareness

Instagram is in the league to become one of the fastest brand building and marketing app. With over billions of downloads, Instagram is now more than a photo/video sharing app and is a must for your business promotion. With an option to build a business profile, it has become quite easy to create a brand presence in the audience. Identified as one of the most used apps with a high engagement rate amongst users, a successful social media strategy combined with Instagram will definitely boost your business. Let’s see what are some of the go-to tips for business marketing on Instagram.

1. Strong Business Profile:
You must know your audience first and then optimize your business profile on Instagram accordingly. Your Instagram Bio is a ladder to reach your potential audience. So put the words correctly, tell the USP of your brand in a way so that it attracts the audience to your profile. Keep it crisp yet mindful, for example- beauty brands such as Nykaa Beauty’s Bio mentions “Bringing you the International Beauty Trends Curated for & by Indian Women” Along with a strong business bio, you need to mention contact details such as email, website, phone number, to make it is easily reachable to customers.

Business Profile

2. Posting on Instagram:
When it comes to posts on Instagram, it needs to be in sync with your audience’s tastes and your brand’s USP. It’s hard but not unachievable after all, good content is always the king when it comes to marketing. First of all, be creative as much as possible. Take notes of styles, templates, and colors that can go well with your brand. Most of the time, it is good to keep a certain style i.e. color themes, or the same set of fonts for all your creatives. For example- Taco Bell keeps up with the lifestyle of its young followers and uses bold colors.

Instagram posting

3. Instagram Stories:
Instagram Stories are the best ways to notify users about new content on a profile, behind the scene posts/videos and less polished images. Stories disappear in 24 hours but can be added to the highlights section in your profile. Instagram stories can be a boomerang, short video, gifs or simple texts too. It also has different exciting options such as filters, poll, questions, location, @mention, temperature and much more that can keep your users hooked.

Instagram Stories

4. Instagram Live:
Brands have started utilizing this feature religiously for big announcements, events, product launches or any other marketing activity. It’s a real-time video sharing amongst your audience. You only press Start Live Video and followers are notified so that they can watch, comment in real time.

Instagram Live

5. Engagement Posts:
Instagram is a fun app and it shouldn’t be boring ever. You can keep up with your audience by engaging them with your content and that can be done by great posts, contests, promotional discounts, product teasers and much more. Plan contests and ask your audience to participate in them by following your account or a specific hashtag. For example- Brand Swiggy India started Voice of Hunger Challenge on Instagram and asked users to shape of different eating items such as Nachos, Kebabs using Instagram voice notes and it has garnered a lot of engagements.

Engagement Posts

6. Influencer Collaboration:
Influencer Marketing on Instagram garners a lot of attention from the influencer’s followers and builds a brand image. An influencer posts pictures/video that shows him / her interacting with your product through paid collaboration or barter collaboration. Many brands have been doing this consistently and collaborating with beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers to promote their product on Instagram. For example- Lifestyle Blogger Komal Pandey keeps on sharing posts on her collaboration with brands and promote their products and uses them in photos.

Influencer Collaboration

Following these easy Instagram tips will help you in your curating your business marketing strategy and will give you an edge over your competitors. For end-to-end Social Media Management, connect with us!