How To Verify A Facebook Page For Local Business

Verify a Facebook Page

With digital marketing taking over the recent market it has become very important to have a Facebook page for your local business.

Why Facebook Page Verification Is Needed?

You might have seen a grey check-mark next to the name of some of the local business Facebook pages. This check-mark indicates that Facebook has verified your local business page as an authentic page belonging to the business it represents. Verifying your local business page on Facebook has a positive effect on your business. The effects are as follows:

  • According to Facebook verified pages show up higher in Facebook’s search results.
  • From a customer’s point of view the check-mark builds a greater confidence for the customers looking at your business. A verified Facebook page attracts more customers compared to your competitors.
  • Your Facebook page directs your customer towards your website thus increasing your website traffic.
  • There are more than 45 million Facebook pages so a few duplicate pages are natural so, the verified badge helps your target audience to find the correct page.

Many of you may not know that there are two kind of verification available for Facebook one the grey badge which is for local business and the other the blue badge which is for the authentic global brand.

What Kind Of Verification Is Needed?

Blue Badge – A blue badge next to the name of your business on Facebook indicates that your brand is a global brand and you want it to target the global audience. A blue badge attracts a lot of audience to the page as the blue badge acts like a confirmation that it is a good brand and you can trust it. Now days’ audience believe on what they see on the digital platform over the company’s words.

Grey Badge – A grey badge next to the name of your business on its Facebook page indicates the authentication of your business being a local business. If you have all the documents that prove that your business is a legitimate local business you should apply for a grey badge for your Facebook page.

There are many global brands that have both blue and the grey badge for their Facebook page. If the brand uses location pages then their main page that targets the global audience has the blue badge certifying it to be an authentic global brand whereas the location page meant for an area will have a grey badge certifying it to be a local business.

How To Verify Your Local Business Page?

To verify your local business page Facebook has rolled out a few criteria, without fulfilling those you cannot verify your local business page on Facebook. These are some of the must haves to get that grey badge for your local business page.

  • The page must be under the local business or organization category
  • The page must have a profile photo
  • The page must have a cover photo

If these three points are in place you can easily verify a Facebook page by just following these steps:

  • Go to your page settings
  • Click on the general settings option
  • Under the general settings option, you will find page verification option
  • Now, click on the ‘Verify this page’ tag
  • Enter the publicly registered number of your organization, your country, language and then click on ‘call me now’
  • You will get an automated call from Facebook with the verification code
  • Enter the 4-digit confirmation code and click continue
  • Your local business page on Facebook will get its verification in few days if your page fulfills the criteria laid down by Facebook.

Facebook has been focusing on the local SMEs a lot lately and are coming up with different updates that will help the local businesses to flourish. The grey badge of authentication is just another step of Facebook to allow the local businesses to stand out from the crowd. It is best to get your local business page on Facebook verified so that your target audience can know which your original profile is and with this even you can increase your website traffic.