How India Blended Like Colours This Holi

blend like colours

A simple script, some in-house talent, and the fervour to do something meaningful, gave us more than 2 Lakh views across all Social Media platforms!

It was a few weeks before Holi that we were all discussing and brainstorming on the things we could do for the occasion, and it was also around the same time, that there was a lot taking place in the world outside our office. Those happenings made us ponder upon the fact that whether we had forgotten the way things were meant to be. Had we forgotten how to deal with things, issues, divides, or disagreements?

What followed next was a simple exercise of putting two and two together. We asked ourselves certain questions- What is the most essential element associated with Holi? Colours! And what is the most fundamental reason for all that’s taking place around us? Differences!

But hey! Colours don’t discriminate. Instead, they blend, and that too beautifully! So, taking the onus on ourselves, we decided to remind everyone of the true spirit of Holi. And this is what gave rise to #BlendLikeColours – our humble attempt, to restore the humility that’s missing around us.


What happens in the offline world, does not stay only in the offline world.

Being Social Media practitioners, the one thing that constantly bothers us is the fact that over time, and with all that’s happening around us, the Social Media space has been losing its essence. We are forgetting that Social Media was meant to connect, and to collaborate, not to divide, or demean. In fact, it’s being witnessed, that today, we have become so intolerant, that no matter what the event or instance, a mere mention of a debatable topic makes us resort to outrageous comments and blame games, making the Social Media space, making our space, toxic.

While we had a lot of fun shooting the video, and while we were flaunting our acting & direction skills to our network thereafter, deep down among all the high spirits and glee, we sincerely hoped, that this attempt of ours does play its part in spreading the message we wished to convey- one of love, of compatibility; and of co-existence, a peaceful one at that.

So have you done your part yet?