Google’s +Post Ads rolled out in India.

Google Plus Paid Ads

Google Plus Paid Ads

Though Google has always been way ahead of Facebook when it came to paid advertising methods but the Promoted Post Ad Type has been Facebook’s hot selling candy.

The reason being –
1) It is super easy to run as well as the
2) Ease of targeting
made it very popular both among brands and SMBs.

Now, Google+ finally has forayed into DIY type of ads with Promoted Posts coming to Google Plus in the form of +Post ads.

We saw it today with one of our clients, itimes.

google plus promoted post solomo media itimes

In the first view what it seems likes when you want to promote a post on your Google+ Page you will need to –
a) Either share the +Post Ad custom link with your media buying agency
b) If you are running your Google Adwords yourself then you will be redirected to the Adwords Panel.

google plus promoted post solomo media


Promoted Google+ posts will be displayed on the Google Display Network, which spans over 2 million publishers. This exponentially multiplies the reach and quick execution makes it easier. Let’s say you as a Brand want to roll out an offer which is on immediate priority, pushing it through regular Adwords will take time & then again consider the efforts on optimization, with +Post Ads it becomes very easy. Though it would be very early to comment on how successful these +Post Ads will be, but they should be on every Digital Marketer’s mind.

Currently as we can say they will be available in 4 sizes across devices, with hover option also available.

google plus post ad solomo media

Plus Post Google Ad Hover Option Solomo Media

We at Solomo Media as a social media agency have always emphasized on the importance of Google+ as a Social Network where content should be seeded. Till now, the world has seen benefits on the SEO front & un-curbed reach compared to Facebook. With the advent of +Post Ads Google is giving a meaningful reason to be there for marketers & the brands. The brands which already have garnered huge following & masses on their Google+ Business Pages can now leverage the +Post Ads for the fulfillment of the digital marketing objectives.