Google Adwords Case Study: How We Reduced 46% CPC Cost By Switching Our Landing Page

Testing makes a campaign perfect. An optimum campaign needs variations and A/B split testing. And when it is Google AdWords, you don’t have to spend more time to be really good on it. In this blog we are going to discuss how to design a landing page for Google AdWords with high quality score and low cost per click.

google adwords landing pages

For this case study, , we took the edge off of our cost per click rate to 46% by switching from a landing page to an optimized landing page. We’ll also discuss all important elements in authority for quality score of a landing page and our reduced CPC.

The compilation below is a short summary that is meant to be used as a reference for more detailed metrics used to achieve an optimum landing page. Before we begin to narrate our experience, let us show you a screenshot of our Google AdWords campaign with high CPC rate.

Previous Landing Page

google adwords landing page

The clichéd experience for optimizing a page may hurt your campaign. In order to not put your campaign at risk, importantly below are 10 elements which you need to improve to attain a high quality landing page for Google AdWords:

  1. Relevance: Users are landing on a page with a clear and definite goal, so help them to achieve it by showing right content and relevant products or services.
  2. ­­Speed influences conversion: : Everyone loves agile experience.Yes you heard it right. Bounce rates are higher on landing pages which loads on an average of 3 seconds or more. GTMetrix is the right tool to optimize your landing page’s speed.
  3. Fix Logo and menu section: Keep your logo, menu tab (if any) and business inquiry phone number/ email at the top of the page and freeze the division. Even upon scrolling the page, section remains stagnant.
  4. Use graphics of high quality: Pay attention to trust indicators and the color legend. Graphics influence conversion rate, so your image should be of high quality, compressed and relevant to your search keywords.The implication is to test, test and test.
  5. Introduce yourself: Your landing page is designed with a more general purpose in mind. It speaks to your overall brand and corporate values. Tell your guests how you are different. Provide brief about your company, team and yes, whitepaper introductory video will work as icing on the cake.
  6. Services you provide: Making it all about yourself doesn’t work so well. Same goes for trying to get with them. The reality is that most people don’t care how great your company is. They are, infact interested in knowing more about your services or your product. So keep relevant services information on landing page. Use H1, H2 tag for services heading and description. Remember these H1 and H2 tags are actually your keywords in Google AdWords campaign.
  7. Built user confidence:Testimonials turns a visitor into a lead. They are 218% more likely to convert into a lead. On top of that, those leads are 190% more likely to convert into a paid customer. But avoid dodgy testimonials.
  8. Portfolio: Show them, prove them and convert them. Yes visitors are curious to know about how you dealt with your previous client’s problem. When you are displaying your work in graphics, don’t forget to add small test, because Googlebot reads texts.
  9. Call to action button: Finally you have convinced your visitor and have gained his trust issues. Place contact form and your business number or Email at the top right of your page or at the bottom but above footer of the page. Remember to choose perfect call to action button’s colour. For services, it’s yellow or orange and for luxury it’s black.
  10. Privacy Policy: Google is very concise about users browsing safety. Having a privacy policy and disclaimer will increase the quality score of your landing page.

After applying the above metrics in our previous landing page, campaign performance results were surprising. Below is the screenshot of our Google AdWords campaign run with optimized landing page.

Optimized Landing Page

optimized google adwords landing page

Clearly you can see a reduction of 46% in our cost per click from INR 53.75 ($0.81) to INR 28.99 ($0.43). And quality score of our page went above average. i.e.8/10

google adwords landing page quality score

From this case study, you’ll witness first hand impact it can have on the experience of your visitors.Keep in mind that these are all just suggestions. Remember that every landing page, website and business is different. What works for one marketer may not work for another. Do your research then test, test and test again.