How we gained 102% more organic traffic in six months

Traffic …the livelihood of any business online. Though there are many ways to it but what if we tell you we can have it all for free with little but honest efforts. And in a world of everything else let’s talk organic!

It’s possible and that too without any rocket science. All it takes is swearing by the SEO best practices sermon. You must have read millions of blogs about SEO best practices and now what’s different about this one. Read on, because it is not about “because-I-said-so”   but an actionable guide with a data backup.

So, here we go!

The case study features CrackVerbal: A GRE/GMAT preparation institute and how it gained 107% more organic traffic in six months bring the SEO part in line with the best practices.

But first a little background

CrackVerbal is a promptly budding GMAT/GRE test-preparation institution, with its entire focus on the entire application journey, from the time a student starts preparing for the test, to the time they get admission into a program/stream of their interest.

As everyone else, CrackVerbal required to increase its customer base and the only way to it was by increasing the traffic. And to ensure huge chunks, CrackVerbal did everything according to the digital world checklist from paid to social to SEO but the results were not fulfilling.

CrackVerbal approached SoLoMo aiming to drive a significant traffic to its website which would eventually increase the number of leads for the company. But it wasn’t the easiest of the task because of the highly competitive market from those in education sector.


  • Most of the keywords not in the top pages of SERPs
  • Low quality pages repelling good SEO results
  • Maximum traffic from the branded keywords
  • Broken links weighing down the website on Search Engines


The CrackVerbal team approached us with the typical age old issue of poor website traffic despite of extensive efforts in the direction. In order to reach at the depth of the problem we did a complete SEO audit of CrackVerbal’s website.

So, we scrambled and developed a revival SEO strategy for them as stated below.

  • Pruning organic anchors with a data rich content audit
  • Uncovering performing keyword and utilizing ranking opportunity
  • Analyzing the competition for keeping a hold on the latest of the market
  • Making the website SEO cordial for both mobile and desktop
  • High quality content creation and distribution in niche websites
  • Focus on long tail keywords along with regular ones in the SEO strategy
  • Improving link profile by associating them with existing high authority web pages
  • Boost conversion by working on SERP CTRs
  • Build content silos, helping the hierarchy to dictate the URL structure

After the commencing the SEO work on CrackVerbal from May, 2017, we proceeded one step at a time, setting the SEO strategy right for CrackVerbal. The outcome was overwhelming within six months which can be seen in the results


Exponential increase in the traffic


60% keywords in top 10 in SERPs

keywords ranking

Overall Traffic
Parameters % Improvement In Six Months
Sessions 102.70%
Users 98.25%
Page views 104.27%
Pages / Session 0.78%
Organic Search 102.53%
Direct 85.15%
Referral 102.96%
Social 208.55%


Setting the basics right can do wonder, and the funny thing is how most of the people fail to see it. With more and more people becoming aware of the subject, search engines too are working to provide the best experience to its not so naive users and improve one of the best things of the modern world: The World Wide Web