Facebook Page Layout Changes – How Marketers Should Respond

facebook page layout

Are you a Facebook Page owner? Then you must have seen some recent changes and your mind must have been exploded with questions as to ‘what has happened to my public community fan page’, ‘why has the Facebook Page Layout been changed’

Don’t worry as we have got your back. Read on to know our take on exploring & capitalizing on the recent shifts in the Facebook page layout.

Facebook Layout – All The Changes

We initially saw the progressions few month ago (July 22, 2016) and promptly understood that Facebook is revealing these progressions a little differently this time, in contrast to what they usually do. When Facebook debuts another plan, they do it feature by feature, but this time Facebook revealed the progressions on a client by client premise.

Let’s have a look at what all has changed!

  • Page Name And Category – In the latest Facebook layout update, Page name and Category are now smaller and less bold.
  • Profile Picture – Facebook has reduced the profile picture size and not it is not over the cover photograph. The brands will have to change their profile picture of the page keeping this Facebook layout change in mind.
  • The Size Of Post Photos – The size of the post photos have increased.It is one of the greatest format changes. Now it is more extensive, single-section view for posts. Directly related to that expanded width is the measure of pictures showed in upgrades. New 504-pixel width for images in Single Column feed is 25% large than what it was in the old Facebook layout.
  • Page Tabs-The Page “tabs” or “apps” are now below the cover photo in left instead of being centered and to the right of the profile image that hung over the cover photo. Also, instead of pictures, there is a text link to your first tab and the rest are in the more drop-down menu.
  • Things That Are Not Page Posts – Everything that is not a Page post is now in the left sidebar. One can scroll down to see where each section landed.
  • Left Menu Sections – Left menu sections are now movable and can be rearranged. Everything that isn’t a Page post is presently in the left sidebar. If you need to reorder the sidebar, you can do it very easily now. The steps are as below:
  1. Go to any box and tap on the pencil symbol.
  2. Click the “manage sections” and a pop-up box opens with a list of various options.
  3. Click and drag an area up or down until you’re content with the order.
  • The Like, “See More”, and Message buttons are now below the cover photo.
  • The Call To Action Button – The Call to Action button is now blue and much wider. This will help in focusing on the prime purpose of the page, in turn, increasing conversions from the page.
  • The Activity Tab – The Activity area is now much more than an Inbox where one can view, respond to and manage messages to the Page. The current Activity area gives you a great view of all your notifications and messages at ones. One can directly click on a message to respond or use the Messages link to manage items that have come in.
  • The Facebook Page Option – The Facebook Page option is no more in the admin area, instead now it can be found in the drop-down arrow at the top right of the Facebook Page. Among many options in the “Use Facebook As” select the page required.
  • Website Links – Now the website links will be seen automatically. The About Us section will show the website URL, if included in the About setup. Earlier, the website was required to be added in the About Us description, but now it the URL is pulled automatically.
  • Facebook Reviews – In the new Facebook layout update the reviews have become quite prominent, thus making it quite noticeable. It is now at the top left of the Page, right under the profile image. While hovering over the reviews all the reviews’ breakdown can be seen. Also, customer review can be checked by clicking the star.
  • Facebook Settings Tab – In the new Facebook Page Update various setting options are categorized and is in one area i.e. the setting tab. Now it will be easier to find important settings and update of the page. There are few surprises as under Banned Users, one can discover a great more deal than those who have been exiled! It’s another approach to see fans and even different Pages that have preferred your Page.

Following actions can be taken, keeping in mind the Latest Facebook Page Updates:

Customize The Timeline

In order to change the Facebook page’s timeline, click on the “Manage Tab Link” present in the left sidebar. Then the updated Facebook setting sections can be seen. Now from here the Tabs can be ordered. A direct link can also be found in the Settings button next to the respective tab.

Customize The Template

Facebook has rolled out many new custom templates like Shopping, Business, Professional Services etc. A template may be chosen according to the purpose of the page. In order to customize your Facebook Page Template, go to the Edit Page settings and select the required custom template.

Updating The Media On The Page

To make the best utilization of the new timeline boxes, one needs to make sure that the latest photo and video descriptions link to relevant products, services, and the website.

More quality media can be created in order to go with the improved posts. It is to be noted that the photos that will appear in the Facebook Page timeline Photos box are the ones that is uploaded directly to the posts and not the ones that appear as thumbnails for a link or otherwise.

Adding Partner Apps And Services

According to the nature of the page, one may check out the new Partner Apps and Services option under the page Settings. Click on the “Add Service” button to check the services that are available currently.

Linking The Facebook Page To Instagram

In order to advertise on Instagram using Facebook Ads Manager, the Instagram account can be linked the Facebook Page. This can be done in the page settings tab.

Cross Posting The Videos

If one has more than one Facebook Page, cross posting the video can help in getting more engagement. To achieve this one can set up a cross-posting relationship between pages. This will allow the Facebook Pages to share videos and video post insights. Once done the Crossposting tab can be seen on the videos.

Exploring The New “Write Something” Box

The “Write Something” Box has been redesigned to help in connecting with the customers. This will be useful in attaining the purpose of Facebook Page. The options may vary from page to page. Each option allows choosing the related posting option, such as Share a video or photo.

We believe that the latest Facebook Page Layout changes will give the brands their due credit on social media platform. So check out all the new updates and let us know how you found the new changes.

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