Simple Steps To Set Up A Facebook Messenger Ad

how to create facebook messenger ads

A Facebook Messenger Ad, as the name says, is an Ad that appears on the Facebook news feed but opens in the Messenger App when users click the call-to-action (CTA) button. The ad takes users inside their Facebook page’s Messenger Tab to ask a question, get feedback, or claim a reward.

Messenger ads look very similar to a typical ad in the desktop news feed. The ad uses the Send Message CTA button, but one can use any of the CTA options, like Contact Us or Call Now. The Messenger icon will appear next to the any of the CTA button chosen.

facebook messenger intro

To engage prospects, Facebook Messenger Ads are a must try. It provides a personal experience for customers and also helps boost brand’s launch and promotion. In this article, you will learn how to create a Facebook Messenger Ad.

Create a Custom Audience

Before placing a Messenger Ad, create a custom audience of the people you want to target. For example, you could include people who landed on your sales page when your cart opened but didn’t purchase your product.

To create a custom audience, open Ads Manager and go to the Audiences section. (All Tools > Audiences)

facebook ad audience

Under Create Audience, choose Custom Audience.

facebook messenger ad custom audience

You get four options to create Custom Audience as given below.

facebook messenger ad creation step 1

Choose the type and create a custom audience accordingly. You can even retarget this audience with a Messenger Ad.

Set Up The Facebook Messenger Ad Campaign

After creating a Custom Audience, you are ready to set up your campaign. Go to Power Editor and click Create Campaign.

facebook messenger ad campaign creation

Select the Traffic campaign objective. Messenger ads are “destination” ads, but rather than sending people outside of Facebook, you’ll be sending them right to your Messenger inbox.

facebook messenger ad campaign setup

Give your ad set a name and make sure the Website or Messenger option is selected.

facebook messenger ad traffic

Next set your budget and your Custom Audience

Now, fill out the ad set as you normally would. Under Placements, uncheck all placements except the news feeds.

Create The Facebook Messenger Ad:

After giving a name to your ad and connecting it to your Facebook page, head to the Create Ad section inside the Power Editor.

Now, choose the option for a single image or video or for multiple images or videos in a carousel, and then upload your media.

facebook messenger ad creation

Next is the Destination section, where one would normally select Website URL and add a landing page URL. In a Messenger ad, there is an option to add a message to accompany your ad. When users click the CTA button in ad, the Messenger will open up displaying the message text along with a copy of the ad. Please note that the Message Text field is totally optional. Though, filling out the Message Text field is beneficial to remind people who have responded to your Messenger Ad. You can later send the users another message without having to run another ad. The ad image would remind them that they have interacted previously.

facebook messenger ad destination setup

The rest of the process of ad creation is similar to a regular ad. Fill in the Text, Headline, and News Feed Link Description fields like a regular ad and finally make a selection from the Call to Action drop-down list.

facebook messenger ad final setup

When you’re done, review your ad then click Place Order

facebook messenger ad preview

Once the ad starts running, you will be notified whenever someone sends you a message and you will be able to respond in real time.


The users are sent to a landing page to register for a webinar, download a freebie or even purchase a product when they click the CTA button in regular news feed ad, while in a Messenger Ad, clicking the CTA button would open a thread in Messenger, where users can start a conversation with you. This gives you the opportunity to answer the users queries, develop a relationship and help generate revenue.

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