Facebook’s Purple Flower Reaction – Here’s Your Chance To Express Thankfulness

facebook flower reaction

So how many times did it happen that you felt thankful for something to somebody, but didn’t know how to express? Now now now, Facebook has found out a way, and that is through its “Facebook Flower Reaction”.

What’s that?

Adding to its already happening reaction list, Facebook’s current entry is the purple flower. Facebook flower reaction was launched last year and is back on popular demand. The purpose is to express your thankfulness. Isn’t that sweet? With Mother’s day around, the timing is also a bang on. When you react with this flower emoji your screen blooms up.

As per Facebook, “in the honour of Mother’s Day, we are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction.” The reaction is a temporary one and is launched only in a few demographics. So if you are among the lucky ones who can see this in their reaction list, try being more thankful. Say thank you to everyone you come across, especially your mom, who makes your life bloom like flowers.

We humans are very easy with venting out emotions like anger, but when it comes to expressing gratitude we shy away. Weird! But that’s why we love Facebook for giving us a rainbow of emojis for each of our emotions.

We wonder what’s next, may be a beer on Father’s day? Or Slippers on Friendship day? Do share your ideas on crazy implementations of this and who knows, Facebook might hear you!


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