Facebook Completely Changing The Way Businesses Do Business


While rummaging through some pages on Facebook, do you ever think what if you could just shop from there, without having to go to the brand’s website? I feel you, the struggle is real. Guess what, Facebook took notice of this struggle and they have come up with a new update this week, Local Business Interaction:

Under the recent update business pages can have buttons such as Order Food, Request an Appointment, Get a Quote, or Book Tickets, thus users can buy/book services/products from the app itself. This is a brilliant news for all businesses as this enables the customers to take instant action, without having to re-route via Google. Furthermore, it also keeps unpleasant issues such as- landing page not loading, website not optimised for phones or something completely off the hook that used to ruin the experience for both the businesses and customers at bay. Another Facebook update allows you to search and find local businesses through your previous searches, likes and preferences. So in all Facebook is making reaching customers very accessible for businesses, I would say more so for small businesses because of the focus on localisation.


Now, I have a question for all the Small & Medium Businesses (SME/SMB’s). With Facebook rooting for you, how are you going to make the most out of this opportunity- how are you going to lure more customers? Don’t scratch you head, you already know the answer- great content! Trust me nothing spreads like wildfire than great content. We all have heard the example of Billion Dollar Shave Club, yes the guys who sell razors, and who got a  million views within a few hours of launching their product on Youtube. I know you must be thinking we already have a lot of issues to take care of on a regular basis, and posting content on social media is the last thing on our mind. Trust me, I understand – been there, done that. But, do you think Billion Dollar Shave Club would have gotten famous had it not been for the video. I don’t think so. That is why good content is important and that is where Digital Marketing agencies comes into play.


As a startup your platter is already full, so hiring a Digital Marketing agency has lot of benefits, read on to find out for yourself:

1. Cost Effective: Whenever people think of hiring digital marketing agencies, especially small businesses the first thought that comes to their mind is that it would be expensive. I used to feel the same when I was working on my start up but later on I realised that the amount of money that I was spending on experimenting with Facebook ads, was better spent on hiring an agency – that knows the nuances better than me.

2. Staying Relevant: With social media platforms- Facebook,Instagram etc introducing new updates at an unstoppable pace. It is difficult to stay abreast with all latest happenings. But, with Digital Marketing agencies who are committed to keeping you updated with all the latest news, this task feels like a child’s play.

3. Industry Expertise: You know it is not easy for you to talk to investors, manage finances, run a team and manage your social media presence all at the same time, after all, you are not Beyonce. Even if you decide to hire someone, your cheapest bet would be an Intern, who will lack the experience to maintain your social presence and social media experts charge a bomb. So, in this case a digital marketing agency is your best bet. For a minimal amount you will get a team of professionals to look after your social media marketing needs.

4. Perspective: I can not stress enough on this; these people do not even know what is trending but also what will work for your product and target audience. They have developed an eye for relevant trends, instinct to know what will click. You can not go wrong with them. If you are still thinking that they might be way too costly, then check out our affordable packages and see for yourself.

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