Facebook Ad Types: Know The Best Ad Type For Your Business

Started a new business?

Want to engage with the customers?

Confused where to start with and how to start with?

Facebook has all the answers with its different Ad types. It has always been the most loved social media platform. From making new friends globally and posting new pictures for people’s appreciation via likes and comments is what defines Facebook according to most of the audience out there. Who knew Facebook would become a massive platform for taking your business to a next level. With many advantages offered by Facebook ads, from engaging with the audience to capturing leads, it makes difficult to choose from the best alternative for your business.

Choosing wisely the right kind of Facebook ad is what will bring the best to your business palette. And to assist you in the selection of the best ad type read on here:

Link Click Ads

facebook link ads

The first Facebook ad types which come to one’s mind is Link Click Ads.

This ad type helps to promote your external website and send people to your desired posts and links. You can use Link Click Ads with several placements; this makes it easy for you to deliver your content to an extensive audience.

These ads perform surely well and provide you with an additional benefit of generating Likes for your page. Checking and updating with people’s comments makes it easy to create engagement with the audience. Don’t forget to reply on comments timely!

Video Ads

Videos have always been a great medium of attracting the right kind of audience. Engaging with the target market has always been easy with Video Ads. Video ads are just a sub-form of Link click ads. Instead of using a single image to target your audience you can instead use video ads to hold the attention of your audience.

Boosted Page Posts

Every time you target something with a new branded post on your Facebook Page, Facebook endeavors you the chance to widen the post’s reach with a Boosted Post.

As you place your mouse on “Boost Post,” you can work upon the target audience and promote your Page post to more people across Facebook’s advertising network.

The only difference that comes up between a normal post is the tag of ‘sponsored’ on the top left corner of the ad.

If you wish to initiate with an online store or run through the multiple offers Facebook allows you to showcase a range of products and services in a single ad. Promoting and targeting the right kind of audience would always be one’s favorite choice to promote their business. However, Facebook makes it convenient to boost your ad types on the right platform and in the right way.

Facebook has also developed ad types that allow users to submit their email or interact with your brand without leaving the Facebook platform.

Multi-Product (Carousel Ads)

facebook ad types

Multi-Product ads is a Facebook ad format where 3-5 images are displayed in a single ad unit. The advantage of this alternative is that one can give headline ad description separately to each of the image displayed in the multi-product ad.

However, this Facebook Ad type is majorly used by the e-commerce platforms. This feature has come a long way for promoting business and business revenues. Many well-known brands have reported it as one of the best key features for creating campaigns.

Facebook Lead Ads

facebook ad types - lead ads

Lead Ads are the perfect way for getting new leads! By far Facebook has been our most loved and easiest platform for generating leads and sales for our business.

Forms have been a pretty useful thing like for an era. However, the way of filling and using them is changing with respect to time. Facebook lead ads are all about form filling.

This makes the Lead Ads an absolutely excellent method for quickly getting a potential customers email address!

Retrieving the email addresses of the right kind of targeted audience becomes easy by using Facebook Lead Ads.

Visitors for Your Store or Event

facebook event ads

Let’s close our roundup of Facebook Ad Types with a unit designed and updated to make visitors visit your event or store. It’s always more burdensome to measure results for offline promotions, but Facebook events make it possible to target the audience geographically and physically.

Facebook Events are a great way for event organizers to attract more visitors. With Facebook’s calendar connection, most people have their Facebook events connected to their smartphones. This means you can keep your audience in the know without doing much legwork. If you want to increase the reach of your event, one can use this ad unit.

However, a Facebook event must be created with all the relevant information which makes easy for the customers to understand the basic motive of the particular event.

Not just creating the Facebook ad types is enough, it is equally important to maintain those ads and engage with your audience on a regular basis. With the latest Facebook updates your data organically reaches to 2-3% of the audience so page boosting and selection of right alternative plays an important role.

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