Simple Tips To Enhance Facebook Ad Performance With The Right Image

enhance facebook ad performance

As the organic reach is decreasing day by day, meeting your goals from Social Media marketing has become a huge task to accomplish. Facebook paid marketing is thus a savior to the dying reach of your social media marketing. Paid marketing effectively helps in reaching the respective target audience and generate queries leading to successful conversions.

Now that we have established the importance and the need of Facebook paid marketing, we need to understand how to do it in the best possible way to gain a satisfactory ROI (Return on Investment). Designing campaigns and running Ads is no more a rocket science with the amount of information and tutorials available on the Internet today. Any successful Ad campaign on Facebook has a lot of parameters that help in making it a success. One such parameter is the image or the Ad creative. We will be covering the best practices on how to choose the images for Facebook Campaigns in the next paragraph.

Image is the first thing that grabs the attention of your target audience or potential customer. Image is therefore the most important aspect of any Ad campaign. So, choosing an Ad image wisely can bring down the Campaign cost by a huge extent (25% – 30% as per my experience). After working on 100s of campaigns and experimenting with the Ad images, I have summed up some of the most effective ways to choose an Ad image:

1. Happy Faces:

It is quite evident that people are more likely to click on an Ad when they see a Happy Face / Smiling Face on it. Use a Female Face to get even better results. Happiness is the key to success, rightly said (Pun Intended) and the same works with our target audience.

Example –

better facebook ad images

2. Color:

Bright colors attract. Use of orange, yellow etc. is advisable against the blue and grey layout of the Facebook. This helps your Ad stand out amongst tons of Ads that you see while scrolling down your timeline. Bright Colors are eye catching and people notice it quickly as compared to dull colors.


example of better facebook images

3. Amount of Text:

The images with little or no text reach the maximum number of people. Also, as per the Facebook’s 20% text rule on Ad images, it is advisable to use only 20% or less image space for text to reach more people on Facebook. I personally feel, that most of the content can be incorporated in the Ad copy or headline and therefore should avoid putting in so many words on the Ad creative as it reduces the beauty of the image.


facebook ads images text

Little or No Reach

better facebook ads images example

Good Reach

4. Value Proposition:

A clear value proposition is a great way to grab attention. Today, everybody is short of time and we should therefore be as direct as we could with our Ad creatives. For Example – Christmas Sale is On! Get 25% Off (Focus on 25% discount will get your Ad more clicks).


facebook ad images

5. Pets and Children:

As pets and children are among the top five most shared images on Facebook, having an Ad creative with a cute puppy or a baby is certainly a safe option. Try a combination of both to get better results.


how to choose better facebook ad images

Try using the above mentioned tips when designing an Ad creative, this will surely get you great results and will help you in cutting down the campaign costs. Also, for e-commerce or travel related campaigns, try using the carousel Ads. Carousels are a great way to showcase multiple images and as they say, the more you show the more you sell. There are many other ways of bringing down your campaign cost which I shall cover in my future blogs. Till then, please feel free to comment if you have anything to add or ask.