How to create a Facebook Shop Page

facebook shop page

Do you own a brand? Do you sell your products online? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Selling and promoting products on Social Media platforms is a great way of generating revenues and also for brand awareness. Facebook especially is a versatile social network for business. It also allows e-commerce brand owners to learn about customer reactions and make positive changes.

With over 2 billion active Facebook users, an average of 20+ minutes per day is spent on the popular social network. It is a world filled with multi-platform companies and now it isn’t hard to keep up with the competition if you expand to where your customers hang out the most.

Consider making a Facebook Shop page for that purpose. Let’s find out how we can create that:

1) Do the basic – Create a Page

The process of setting up a page is relatively simple. Log on to your personal account and click on the drop down icon on the top extreme left of the news feed page. Select ‘Create a Page” option and from there choose ‘Brand or Product’ page type. Provide relevant information like website address, business description, a version of the brand logo and product images.
create facebook shop page

2) Add a new section – Shop Section

Once your page has been created, look for the Add Shop Section link below your cover photo. As soon as you click on the button, a pop-up will prompt on your screen. Click the Add Shop Section button again, agree to the merchant terms and policies and then finally click on Continue.

create new facebook shop section

3) Setup your shop and payment processing details

After agreeing to Merchant Terms and Policies, you will be asked to enter your business details and set up payment process with Stripe. Note that the only payment solution for selling on Facebook is Stripe. If you already have a Stripe account, log into that account first and then click the link to connect to an existing Stripe account. Otherwise, you’ll need to set up a Stripe account first and then proceed with the following setup.

set facebook shop payment

Once you have finished this setup, your call to action button changes to a Shop Now button, which will take page visitors to your Shop section.

4) Finish your shop setup

This is a pretty simple process. Once your Stripe account is connected, you will be redirected back to the primary Facebook business page. Click on the Finish Setup button and describe what your Facebook page shop sells in 200 characters or fewer.

5) Add products to your Facebook Shop

Now you are ready to add products to your shop and start selling. To do this, click on the Shop tab on your Facebook business page. A box will reveal that will ask you to add a product. Select the Add Product link to move forward.

ad product facebook shop

Click on the Add Photos button to upload product images. After you upload the photos you will need to select the Use Photos button to make them go live. You will then need to configure the details for each of your products. Remember to follow Facebook’s detailed guidelines and recommendations for photos and product descriptions. Addition to that, you can also include shipping methods, pricing and other details like product categories.

6) Managing your products

When you have uploaded a certain number of products, you will find that each of them is placed in a list for you to click on and modify. On the list view, you can see an image of the product, pricing and whether or not the product is visible to the public.

The best part is that you can also manage the inventory of your items and remove them from the store whenever you run out of stock.

manage facebook shop products

Ye! You’ve successfully created a Facebook shop page for selling your product through your online store.

And that’s all it takes.

Facebook Shop Page is an excellent way for businesses to further boost their return on investment. It becomes more important as nowadays people prefer a friendlier and more personal approach to selling.

Happy business to you!

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