Content That Gets Your Brand Noticed!


There is a very popular saying that content is fire and the social media as a whole is gasoline. Strategically carved out content when channelized in the correct social media platforms can be highly beneficial for brands and especially for those who are new at the game.Brands need to understand that when it comes to social media, content will always remain the king. Starting from Facebook to Instagram, the content that you create drives the message forward. Getting your brand noticed in social media involves a three-step process. First you need to figure out your target audience. Then it comes to, how well you know your audience and finally the most quintessential aspect is to figure out of content that works for your brand.

Social media marketing as a whole is a maze and the only way out, is to have a proper idea about the type of content which suits your brand the most for registering a presence in the minds of your audience.

It is obvious that you will publish content based on information about your brand, what it stands for, what it does, the services it provides. For sure this has a positive impact but to achieve a higher brand recall value, you need to come up with more engaging content. This article will explore the type of content that gets your brand noticed.

Map The Interests Of Your Target Audience– Audience Specific Content

This is the most fundamental aspect that you should abide by while shaping content for your customers. What does your target audience care about and what do they want to know? Assemble your content based on information which interests them in their day-to-day life.




Qatar Airways publishes content about soccer in America and their fans on their social media platforms. They have mapped the interests of their followers and thus people are very active in replying to questions and posts on the company’s page.

  • Share Tips


The entire online audience have an affinity to tips-related content. A recent study on content analytics depicted that an online search on the keyword ‘tips’ have produced 30,400,000 global monthly searches. People regularly search for tips online regardless of the industry. It might be on photography, travel and tourism, gaming, beauty and makeup, and a lot more. This type of content has a higher engagement value and helps your brand to be on the top of the mind of the target audience. ‘Oreo’ makes use of this strategy most effectively. They post beautiful images with tips and with a creative use of hashtags they generate thousands of organic shares and likes.

  • Use Videos and GIFs

Recent developments in the social media landscape have made it easier for brands to win the public eye. Facebook has introduced the concept of GIFs and an autoplay feature on video ads. Content with a creative edge combined with motion is a deadly combination nowadays to grab the eyeballs and help brands to engage with their target audience at a much deeper level.


Followed by Facebook, Instagram too is a very popular medium nowadays where you can easily catch the eye with interesting 15 seconds videos. Recently Disney Studios have created quite a stir by promoting their movie, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ through interesting video posts on Instagram.

  • Tell A Story

Stop beating around the same bush and start telling stories. To grab the attention of your target audience you need to engage them at both an emotional and psychological level. This can be done through GIFs, videos, podcasts and a lot more. These videos published by Dove are classic examples of storytelling.

AN4 i


AN4 ii

In these videos the company hardly talks about itself but tells stories to connect with the audience. The results were overwhelming. Both the videos generated millions of views, thousands of likes and were flooded with comments on social media platforms.

  • Infographics

Talk about your products and services but make it more interesting with infographics. Introducing content based on infographics makes it easier for the consumers to understand complex information. On popular social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and StumbleUpon, infographics get more shares and has a greater reach than other content.


Dell always takes recourse to infographics while sharing valuable market insights with their customers.

  • Humour Works Wonders

So if you are looking for ways to get your brand noticed and generate engagement, humour is the best possible way out as it gives wings to your audience’s imagination. Therefore lighten up the mood and generate content to make your audience laugh. One brand that has an expertise in this is ‘Amul’. Taking up what is happening in the world around us and creatively projecting it in a humorous and satirical way will get you shares and likes.

AN6 i


AN6 ii

Question Your Audience Format

On platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, questions have become a very popular form of engaging content. Big brands frequently use this tactic to form a direct bond with their target audience. It helps a brand to connect with people in the market to build reputation and generate leads. It can be in the form of polls and surveys or creative photo posts but the underlying motive is to get noticed by engaging your audience.

content marketing strategy

  • Human Side Of Your Brand

Show the world your team and how they work. Don’t stop here, upload content highlighting your satisfied customers. This can be done through photos, videos, vines and a lot more. Doing this helps you to project your business as a human brand and get noticed among the crowd.



  • Don’t be a bore – Explore the power of Hashtags

Don’t be a bore, sharing excessive content related to your business and services can make things a bit monotonous at times. Go for a change! Pick up a trending event and create your content around that. It can be in the form of videos, photos, GIFs, articles and campaigns. While posting make use of the trending hashtag to help audience locate your content across many social platforms.


Videocon Mobile Phones published a photo post for paying tribute to Virender Sehwag on the day he announced his retirement from international cricket. This brings out the philanthropic side of your brand and with the power of hashtags, your brand is sure to draw a lot of attention.

Social media is an ever-changing platform and there is no fixed formula to flourish in the competitive world of social media marketing. In this article we tried to bring together some effective methods which works better to increase your brand’s presence.