How to Use Hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And LinkedIn

If you’re on social media, chances are that you’ve come across a hashtag at least once in your life. You know those blue keywords prefixed by a hash? #WhoAmIKidding. We all know what hashtags are, but if for some reason you’ve been living under the…

Top 5 Ways To Use Linkedin For Business

LinkedIn being the most professional social networking site is used by millions of people worldwide. It is mainly focused on B2B marketing, which makes the social media marketing strategy go smooth.

How To Choose Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

Just like there are many ways to promote your business online, there are as many resources to implement it. Social media networks are incredible resources for business promotion. Although the platforms are free to use, paid advertising options are also offered specifically for brands that…

Social Media Metrics To Get You Started

If you are managing the social media marketing for your business. You already know by now that there are hundreds of metrics, but do you have to analyse them all?