Building an Instagram Following for Your Small Business

Instagram is more than just a social network for mobile photo and video sharing, it provides businesses with a perfect opportunity to visually, creatively and engagingly reveal insights into the core of their brand identity. With 800 million users over 25 million active business profiles and two million advertisers,

Instagram is the fastest growing of all the big social media platforms.
In this post, we’ll look at some of the best ways on to build a successful Instagram following for your small business.

1. Adopt a general brand aesthetic

Looks matter a lot on Instagram. Your business needs to adopt and stick to a unified brand aesthetic or look so that it attracts the right kinds of audience and drives engagement. For instance, a food account adopts highly photoshopped close-up images of food whereas an automobile brand will have sleek and sexy images. Decide what works for you and make sure your feed dictates your brand’s message and aesthetics.

2. Consistent look

Maintain a consistent look throughout since the very beginning. Limit the usage of more than 3 filters and stick to your usual top 3. It helps in creating niche for your account and aids in brand recall.

3. Engage with followers through captions

Interact with your audience as frequently as you can through your photos. Post interesting captions which describes the photo/video aptly and compels audience to comment on the picture and engage with the brand. Make them part of your story and reply to each of their comments.

4. Post Video and Boomerangs to your account

Photos are wonderful but videos have a far higher engagement rate. Quirky boomerangs are also a great addition for your business’ video marketing and is a must-do for your brand’s content creation. Make sure to use appropriate hashtags in your videos and boomerangs to ensure that it reaches the right people and the right no.

5. Utilize Instagram Live

Going live occasionally Is a great way to interact with your followers and strengthens your connection with your followers as you can personally read all the feedback and interact with your followers in real time. Just make sure you don’t use it solely for the purpose of blatant selling of your products or services.

5. Optimize your Bio

Businesses often stress over their photos and captions so much that they forget about one of the most crucial aspects of their Instagram account. That is their bio. From funnelling visitors to promotions or serving as an appropriate CTA, there’s a ton that brands can do in just a few words. Ensure there is a short description of your business in the bio, a branded hashtag to encourage tagging and reposting and a short URL redirecting visitors to your website, wherein you can also keep a track of the traffic through a Bitly link.

instagram6. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role on Instagram. It ensures that your posts get organic reach and like-minded people who like your content or are interested in your product offerings are able to discover you just through a simple hashtag. It is recommended to use at least 6 hashtags.

7. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a viable mode of communication for businesses, in fact a huge 33% of most-viewed stories are from businesses. Stories ensure people develop a deeper connection with the brand, and helps in gaining followers when running contests and businesses can utilize this to create out-of-the-box story content.

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