5.5 Lac Views, because Hashtag did the trick & content is still the king.

One day during your regular analysis of insights of one of your client’s Facebook Page, you see a spike, a spike in organic – impressions, reach & engagement, a spike you have never seen before.

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You wonder what would have caused it, you sit with the team and discuss on probabilities.

  1. Facebook Adverts – Not possible as the massive increase in metrics was all under the organic columns, and the spike was even beyond when you did massive media buying.
  2. Campaigns / Contests – Not running.
  3. Any post in the near past showing an out of the world performance – No.

Now you are more confused & keep staring at the spike, drop a mail to Facebook Help Team for any anomalies in the insights and sit down.

Now the next day you are preparing your monthly performance report, you take a screenshot of a campaign post you did last month to put in the report but you find the numbers somewhat longer. You check them again. Then you realise where did the above mentioned spike came from.

A video went viral!

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#WhoIsATeacher video which you made as a tribute to Teachers’ on the occasion of Teachers’ Day (5th September) in India went viral but then you are sitting in October, nearly a month after the occasion. Why would it go viral now?

Reason: Hashtag did the trick and content is still the king.

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th September where as throughout the world, 5th October is celebrated as World Teachers’ Day lead by UNESCO. When we ended our campaign according to Teachers’ Day in India we clocked nearly 25000 video views.

Now on the occasion of International Teachers’ Day, our video came into trending due to use of #TeachersDay in the description which made it searchable and more so due to the content of the video where we described #WhoIsATeacher, alphabet by alphabet.

Every person has a memory attached with their Teachers. In order to bring back those memories we made a video #WhoIsATeacher depicting different notions of what a teacher might mean to us, through the use of the 26 alphabets. Each alphabet denoted a memory or trait.

The metrics after the video went viral and still counting

  • 5 Lac Views.
  • 5 Million+ People Reached.
  • 1 Lac+ Social Actions
  • 73K+ Likes
  • 23K+ Shares

and all these organic.

videocon mobile phones viral video teachers day

We are happy, super happy because the video went viral, but we are happier that there was no special trick, except sticking to the basics.

  1. Engaging content in the simplest form to which the audience directly relate to.
  2. Touching the emotional chord.
  3. Adhering to optimum use of search & visibility parameters.
  4. Use of the campaign hashtag as well as the general occasion hashtag.

PS: When brands & clients come to us asking for a Viral Video, we always reply to them …

“There is nothing called a Viral Video, what actually happens is a video goes viral riding on the above mentioned parameters. You can always reach a metric say a million views, media buying is the answer but if it has to go viral, it should ride on good, neat & engaging content, it should touch the chords.”

If you want to know more how can we deliver great results for your Social Media Marketing, drop us a mail on idea@solomosalsa.com and we would love to talk!