Five Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Agency

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First off, congratulations for having social successfully set up a business. Apparently, a lot of sleepless nights, brainstorming sessions have gone into setting your business up. A few months into the business, things look pretty sluggish and then you convince yourself saying that “it’s a honeymoon period” or maybe “we will pick pace”.

Fast forward to six-eight months. Your business has still not gained traction and now things look pretty scary. You land on Facebook thinking that it is the ultimate social media marketing tool that will help you increase reach and sales. However, on hindsight you are pretty sure that you cannot pull it off single-handedly and you need someone with expertise. Whom will you approach; agencies who charge the big and small players alike or an individual who claims to be a “social media expert”?

Let us help you with sorting your queries and tell you the five basic questions that you need to ask before hiring a social media agency.

What Do You Know About Us?

If the person or the agency is indeed a social media evangelist, they will do their homework and before you ask this question, they will tell you how to get an edge over your competitors in the very first round of meeting. With that you can yourself gauge that the person sitting across the table knows about your business and will help you identify the right target group.

A serious social media marketer will go through your past posts and lay a roadmap telling you the best way forward.

Why Do You Think We Should Choose You?

If it is an agency with credibility, they will be able to justify this question with their previous works. If they have really understood your business, they will present case studies exemplifying their success stories. The case studies should be enough for you to understand that the agency adheres to industry standards and has a methodology and that they are not beating around the bush!

Which Ones Do You Think Are the Best Social Media Sites for My Business?

A word of caution here. If the marketer says “all”, take a sip of water, shut down your laptop, shake hands and leave quietly! We can bet that there is no rationale for being on each and every site. Every social media site has a user base that differs from the other and so does the user group.

When you ask this question, make sure that the recommendation that is being given fall in line with your business’ requirements.

What Kind of Content Must Be Published?

They say that content is the king and it rightly is! The more engaging your content, the more interest it will generate; even with minimalistic design. Trust us, we know that because we have done that. In text, it is pertinent to note that the content should be well-articulated. However, text message doesn’t work on every social media site. Some sites like Pinterest and Instagram rely heavily to strong images and visuals.

Sample this, if you make apparels and accessories for women, strong imagery will work wonders with your users on Instagram and Pinterest. Try this elsewhere and the results may not be as satisfying.

How Will Success Be Measured?

You are spending your money on creating value for your brand through social media. If the agency respects your sentiments, you will see changes in the first 45 days – considering that brand image and identifying the target group takes considerable time, meticulous planning and a lot of patience.

How Will We Go About the Designing?

A design/creative is a reflection of a company and their ethos. Nobody would like to approach a service provider if their promos on social media are shoddy or lack a class. How do we get that problem solved? All you need is a good designer, access to stock images – which are not obnoxiously overpriced and a good design, colour aesthetics.

If you think that you have a good sense of colours, designs, layouts and element placing, hiring a fresh-out-of-college always is an added benefit since they are always pepped-up with ideas. On hindsight, hiring an experienced designer also has its own benefits such as keeping you in-line with the latest developments in the designing industry.

Your creative has to be visually appealing. They have to tell a story. Visual elements are not only easily connected with, they also authentically and attractively represent your brand!