10 Things SMEs Should Learn From MS Dhoni

10 things smes should learn from ms dhoni
Though our favorite MS Dhoni a.k.a. Mahi has stepped out of the Indian Cricket team but he continues to be in everybody’s heart. The legacy he has left behind will always be cherished. His actions are such to be copied and practiced. What he said and did will always be an inspiration.

Here are few commandments all Small and Medium Enterprises should learn from MS Dhoni to succeed.

  1. Leave your comfort zone to achieve extraordinary success – Dhoni was never afraid to come out of his comfort zone and make what was thought as unachievable. Similarly, the SMEs along with practicing their traditional methods of business should also try to explore new tactics.
  1. Look what your competitors are doing and learn from them – Dhoni was always known for understanding his opponent team in and out. It is imperative too, as after all we have to survive and succeed against them.
    Same applies in the business world of small & medium enterprises. They must always be ready to face any competition of whatever sort.
  1. Welcome change! Adapt yourself to changing circumstances – Nothing is stable. This applies in cricket too. First, it was tests, then ODIs and then 20 -20. Being the mentor of a world cup champion team, Dhoni knew how to adapt very well.
    In the same any SME who wants to succeed should know to adapt, be agile, survive and achieve.
  1. Managing success is as important as being successful – We bet that nobody has ever seen Dhoni resting after winning a match or two, instead he was always hungry to gulp as many victories as he could.
    This is a very important lesson for SMEs. It can be easy to reach the top, but to maintain the position you must know the management.
  1. Planning is crucial – Everyone praised Dhoni’s keen mind for strategy. He planned ahead for competitions and playing conditions. He knew the strengths of the team and played accordingly. But he didn’t just stop at planning. He also executed his plans beautifully. He was always prepared for last minute changes in strategies.
    On the same line SMEs needs to plan well, have effective strategies in place and go with full force in executing those plans.
  1. Wait for the right time – Our Captain Cool knew exactly what to do when. This is an essential learning for the business people – Sailing when the time right and the tide is low. The SMEs must follow and gain from the serenity and certainty of Dhoni in taking care of tough circumstances.
  1. Keep your eyes on the end goal. Rest all is irrelevant – He has one of the smartest cricketing brains. He played it like a game of chess, always thinking a few steps ahead. Even his spontaneous actions and decisions looked premeditated. And doing all that with a poker face beats everything makes him the captain cool.
    Suffice to say, keep your eyes on the end goal. Rest all is irrelevant.
  1. Work hard and success will be yours – Dhoni used to give exams and practice for cricket simultaneously. He never made one the excuse for the other. Hard work was always his mantra and he did it very smartly.
    We are sure that he was quite clear and that’s a one good message for all the SMEs – hard work is the key, for all things good!
  1. Learn to handle criticism – Very few have the calm demeanor as of Dhoni. He always handled criticism very elegantly – accepting errors and giving back what is not reasonable, in this way showing an uncommon poise with the press and commentators alike.
    So should the business people. many a time when the luck is not in favor, remember our Mahi and be sure that you will get sorted.
  1. Don’t give up! – He never said “I quit”. His life is an excellent example of an underdog. He succeeded against all odds. We are sure with this attitude nobody can ever be a looser. So keep the dice rolling until the numbers are in your favor.

We all are going to miss him. But a real Dhoni fan is the one who not only praises him but follows his actions too!


  1. Nirmal · January 5, 2017

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      Saumya Mishra · January 5, 2017

      Thanks. Appreciation is the best reward.